Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obsessive media caused Obama's loss--Berlingske

Berlingske: google translation: "- At Chicago kicked out so early shows***(see link below, "Why Obama's Plan Failed") to me that Barack Obama does not understand the psychology of the IOC, said Hans Bonde.

  • - At the time Tony Blair was facing the battle to London's advantage with four votes, since he had no time for it, but took the time to do so. Over several days he met with IOC members, he had a dossier on each member, had agents in the lobby down to pull up members in his suite. And he might say "welcome, how goes it with your wife and your two children." He knew the members' food cities and education, so that his guests feel at a completely different way taken seriously, he continues, pointing thus on Barack Obama missteps .

- Here come the more favor Obama just before the deadline and made showoff.

  • IOC members did not feel important,

(From Berlingske): Most read

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