Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climate Envoy doubles down, "won't let the "b****s out til they've done a deal"

  • A 'deal' always means one thing: stealing money from US taxpayers who are already broke and have no one in the world looking out for their interests.
"The leaders of the U.S., China and India should be 'shoved' into a room at next month's global warming summit - and not allowed out until they reach an agreement, according to John Prescott.
  • Europe's climate change envoy revealed his controversial approach ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in two weeks.

Sixty state leaders will seek to thrash out the main points of a deal to follow the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which aims to reduce countries' CO2 emissions.

During a Commons debate, Mr Prescott, Rapporteur for Climate Change for the Council of Europe, told MPs: ‘I'm looking forward to that debate but I hope

  • I've got the key to the door and (will) not let the b*****s out until they've done a deal.’"
from UK Daily mail, 11/24/09, "'I won't let the b****s out til they've done a deal': Climate Change envoy John Prescott reveals unusual approach to solving global warming" ap photo, via

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