Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top journalism site says 'National Science Foundation' is objective source!

Poynter, 12/12/09: "But we should not conflate what they say in the public square with rigorous, peer-reviewed research.
  • When partisans present information that they claim is scientific, scrutinize it.
  • Did a recognized expert in the field conduct the research?
  • Where did the funding come from?
(A study funded by ExxonMobil may not be
  • as credible as one funded by, say, the
  • National Science Foundation.)"...
D'oh! The National Science Foundation is funded by the US Government which militantly promotes devastating man made climate change.
  • The EPA declared CO2 a danger to mankind.
  • That's an objective source?
The National Science Foundation received $3 billion in Obama's first stimulus bill.
The point: BOTH SIDES ARE IN ON THE CARBON SCAM. The media do not report it. They just report the government side.

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