Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cap and Trade scam siphoned $213 million in destitute NY state (revised)

Update: 3/13/10: More carbon offsets cash siphoned from destitute New Yorkers. ("State Global Warming Fund hits $213M,") Albany Times-Union's unfortunate response is concern for so-called environmental groups. Rather than larger issues such as:
  • 1. Calling a halt to carbon offset deals as hoped-for global warming has never been proven. What was claimed in a document that clearly wasn't even proof-read has been disproved or discredited. It is important to care for our environment, 'green' if you wish, but that is completely different from forcing US citizens into subjugation of unelected global profiteers, equatorial dictators and a crime infested carbon trading scam.
  • 2. Naming the organization that shook down 10 northeast states for this mandatory scam several years ago (RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) is the name I find).
  • 3. Listing the member organizations of RGGI, individuals involved and the background of each. Who exactly funds RGGI and each of its tributaries?
  • 4. The reason carbon offsets were invented was to trade them. What organization(s) has recorded these transactions for both the State of New York and the RGGI? Exactly how much money have they received directly or indirectly from these transactions?
  • 5. What is the name and position of the person responsible for auditing all offset transactions either for NY or the RGGI? These transactions are largely done with a click on a computer, so nothing, not even thin air, actually changes hands.
  • 6. Listing reports to date of crimes that have already cost billions to the ignorant dolts who have stumbled into carbon trading. (Reports exist but more often in non-US media). **** Thanks. ed. (update article by ATU's Brian Nearing via Climate Depot)
This article isn't against funds being siphoned from a desperate population via a 'green' scam, just that they were used as a political slush fund. The $180 million was just a fraction of the profits anyway, as there are endless parties involved in cap and trade deals. Who is legally bound to account for each dollar of siphoned monies in any case? No one. The US now is on the same level as Third World Banana Republics.
  • 12/11/09: "There was New York back in 2006 with seemingly the best of intentions, joining nine other Northeast and Midwest states in a groundbreaking effort to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. The cap-and-trade style
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has raised more than $180 million in New York alone through auctions of CO2 credits -- money that was to fund energy efficiency and alternative energy programs....

Here's New York in 2009, raiding the RGGI fund to balance the budget. As if to remind us that no problem is so serious that the government won't tax it and then spend the money on something else....

  • We've all seen this kind of bait-and-switch far too often.
  • The state has been raiding the Environmental Protection Fund, supported through a tax on property sales, for several years now.....

Opponents of such measures can point to New York and ask whether the eventual cost

will really help save our planet, or be just another way of picking our pockets.


The state raids a fund set up to help cut greenhouse gases.


Broken promises chip away the public's faith in worthy causes."

from Albany Times Union, "New York Raids Another Cause"

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