Monday, March 15, 2010

Indiana Power and Light cancels wind power deal

Indiana Power and Light has terminated a wind power purchase agreement previously made with enXco, a local branch of the French company EDF Energies Nouvelles. The action was initiated by Indiana P and L around March 1 and acknowledged more than 10 days later by EDF.
  • Indiana P and L wind power project web page is here
  • From press release see here

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  • From comments to post at WUWT:

"My reading suggests that investment in wind power has a business plan which ends

  • when the government subsidies have been paid.

There is no expectation beyond this.

p.s. Wind power was brilliant and cost effective before engines were invented. How else would our forebears have powered the their war, trade, and explorative vessels other than by sail? But come the engine…"

"What did they expect? The economics of wind power were available to everyone before this contract was let out.

IPL made their decision on the basis of “looking” green. They didn’t care what it would cost. They’d just pass the cost on to the users.

Even more bizarre was WA state’s decision to mandate that all power was to be 20% renewable when over 90% already is hydro power.

Oh, yeah, and they didn’t count hydro as being renewable."

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