Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wall Street wind hype. "Producing useful energy is not the prime objective of wind projects.”

"Financial scandals are not new. Schemes to leverage risk and cheat the public are mainstays of the mad “Cap and Trade” stratagem, in the ongoing war against genuine free enterprise. The latest ploy is the industrial wind swindle.
  • In the essay, Wall Street Reaps Big Bucks from the Wind, the strategy to defraud the public is explored.
“The latest rage out of the boiler room sharks that hawk new equity issues touts alternative energy. The hype that is coming out of Wall Street resembles the internet band wagon before the bust . . .
  • Goldman Sachs rushes to finance the offers with their expertise – using other peoples’ money . . .
Understand from the outset, that producing useful energy is not the prime objective of wind projects.”
  • To illustrate this point the pending First Wind Holdings Inc. SEC S-1 and S-1A application for an IPO readily admits that producing electricity
  • it is not necessary to be profitable.
Understanding the complexity of industrial wind can be a challenge. The derogative knock NIMBY, is meant to deceive and distract from the reality that an ill “Wall Street” wind blows behind the heretical doctrine of global warming....
  • Jon Boone PhD is a leading voice against industrial wind. WHY WIND WON’T WORK is a primer that dispels the myth that wind factories are a sensible solution to electric generation,
much less a remedy for climate change."...via SPPI blog

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