Thursday, June 10, 2010

Individuality is the larger crime to angry climate eco-imperialists

6/10/10, Regarding climate 'carbon cheating,' Richard Black of the BBC mentions confiscation of lands around the world, abuse of the land and its wildlife. He doesn't get to the thousands of human beings displaced in the underworld of the carbon endangerment racket otherwise known as eco-imperialism. The US is officially not a part of this land confiscation which the author does state. But he can't restrain himself from what the mob views as more important than eco-imperialism-that the US isn't part of it-which he punctuates with
  • -dashes-:
6/10, BBC: "The US is not involved in these negotiations because the proposals fall under
If the US, "alone among developed countries" is not involved in eco-imperialism, then loneliness isn't the embarrassment the BBC wishes to portray. Climate crime operates so freely, if only the pesky US would join in. ed.
In a separate BBC article by Mark Kinver, the subject of biofuels is discussed, not mentioning eco-imperialism. 'Green' groups realize they have lost but are trapped. They want world government, but were tricked into believing it would include helping the planet (as others have observed). ed. Reference, 6/10, BBC: "EU Biofuels 'need to be certified for sustainability'"
  • Obvious problems: No one could enforce or maintain quality control of a massive global endeavor. No one wants to anyway. It was never the intention of oil companies and others behind the climate industry to improve the planet. It was only the intention to get money.

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