Monday, July 12, 2010

Living on a bailout from a billionaire, the NY Times is so deeply invested in the politics of global warming, it cannot be viewed as a news source

'Carbon capitalists' thought up the global warming scheme long before welfare-dependent climate scientists became media darlings. Alleged 'reviews' of scientists in 2010 don't matter to carbon profiteers, deeply enmeshed in big banks. They would take the last crumb off an average unemployed American's table without blinking.
The Times editorial (7/9, registration) wants to joyfully say that so-called 'approval' of climate guys means full steam ahead, lets get to further whipping bloody the average American as responsible for sinking a strip of land in the Indian Ocean which was only another publicity stunt by the media.

11/2/2009, from the NY Times: "Last month, the cabinet of Maldives donned scuba gear and held an underwater meeting to highlight the threat of global warming to that nation, the world’s lowest." (last item in article)
  • (The NY Times is living on a bailout from a Lebanese-Mexican billionaire. It was otherwise 'unsustainable.' ****)
7/12/10, "Majorities say the darndest things," Wall St. Journal, Taranto,
  • 'Green about the gills'
"An editorial in yesterday's New York Times (registration) offers an unwitting clue as to why environmentalism has lost its power to persuade:
  • "Perhaps now we can put the manufactured controversy known as Climategate behind us and turn to the task of actually doing something about global warming,"
the Times begins its utterly predictable screed, which goes on to assert that revelations of scientific misconduct are "trivial" and "diversionary" and global warming
  • is the unquestionable truth.

Environmentalists' appeal to authority is no longer effective except with those, like the Times's editors,

BCS (Before Climate Scientists) were even heard of, the trillion dollar carbon trading scam was underway:
  • In 1997, the 'industry' got together for the Kyoto agreement to funnel money to the UN for global warming functions.
In 2000-2001 seed money went to start up the Chicago Climate Exchange. Who needs 'science?' The racket was up and running before 'scientists' in East Anglia and the UN opened their traps.
"Perhaps it relied on the GHG Emissions Credit Trading report (yours for a mere $397), which predicts a $4.5 trillion carbon market by 2020.
  • No less chagrined must be Gordon Brown, who sees the carbon market as key to the global response to climate change,
  • and to the economic fortunes of the City of London.

As Brown told WWF in 2007, the government wanted binding limits on developed country emissions in a post-2012 climate agreement,

  • because London was the world's carbon trading capital,

and "only hard caps can create the framework necessary for a global carbon market to flourish".

  • higher priority than the health of the climate system."...
from UK Guardian, 1/25/10, "Don't let the carbon market die," by Oliver Tickell.

  • via Tom Nelson. photo afp, staged in Maldives in 2009 leading up to the Copenhagen fest.
  • The planet changes naturally and at one time, was ice free.

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