Monday, September 21, 2009

Media desperate to keep the masses barefoot and pregnant: The Acorn Tapes

  • On their scorn of the Acorn tapes:
Andrew Breitbart: "That evening, Katie Couric and "The CBS Evening News" cried uncle and did a story.
  • Six days into an underground media sensation that caused the White House to force the
CBS knew it could sit on the sidelines no longer. Especially since ACORN spokespeople were issuing what to me was clearly lie after lie, and CBS could only assume that more videos were coming.

Producers aggressively called Miss Giles, Mr. O'Keefe and me, imploring us to explain our journalistic tactics. I told them repeatedly that if they offered the videos a fair airing and let their audience decide, we'd agree to a Time Warner grilling.

  • journalism school of their choice."....
from Washington Times article, "The Politicized Art Behind the Acorn Plan" 9/21/09

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