Saturday, December 26, 2009

Entergy among big money behind global warming, Wall St. winner on EPA ruling

The LA Times should first insist that government scientific policy be decided independent of billion dollar business scams and a hockey stick that has been refuted by people with no financial interest in the outcome. Which is incidental to the fact that the East Anglia research group freely admits substantiating foundation data has been irretrievably lost. (per Instruments item 3 attached).
Instead, it ridicules those who favor realism, smears them as tools of big business. It's exactly the opposite.
  • Entergy was a plaintiff in the 2007 Supreme Court case which it won. Wall Street cheered, and Entergy stock went up. It has since dipped.
1. April 6, 2007: Supreme court CO2 decision favored big business. Big energy company Entergy was among plaintiffs-and winners-in the 2007 US Supreme Court case ruling (5 to 4) that carbon dioxide was a pollutant (4/2/07):
  • The ruling made and continues to make big money for big Entergy Corp.
2. October 2009, Entergy's chairman hysterically advances the possible
cap and trade. The Chairman of Entergy speaks at a White House meeting portraying his
3. December 10, 2009, AP, Entergy Chairman invokes deadly threat again, says
  • "bullets"
aimed at us due to global warming.
"We're playing Russian Roulette with the planet and our economy," Leonard said. "The difference is
Shockingly, Entergy also advises that the 'hockey stick' graph is just fine! (item #30)
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