Thursday, May 13, 2010

Criminal action alleged in yet another member of European carbon trading

The entire climate industry is made for organized crime as has been stated.
5/13, Sofia. "Bulgaria will be suspended from carbon emission trading as of June 30 after a United Nations body opened a procedure to revoke its accreditation under the Kyoto Protocol, Environment Minister Nona Karadzhova said, cited by Reuters.
Bulgaria will be suspended from carbon trading after U.N. checks showed its national system for recording greenhouse gas emissions, key for ensuring compliance with the Kyoto climate pact,
Bulgaria hoped to sell at least 40 million of such rights this year.
  • "The U.N. Convention report is devastating. We are likely to lose our accreditation as of June 30, due to the criminal inaction of the previous government," Karadzhova said.
Karadzhova said the centre-right cabinet, which took office last July, has stepped up the work for setting a proper emission check system and hopes to restore the accreditation as early as in November.

Sources at the forum told Reuters they expect the ban to be lifted by the year's end.

Last month, the European Commission finally approved Bulgaria's long-delayed 2009-12 carbon dioxide plan and the Balkan country joined the trading scheme, the bloc's key tool to fight climate change....
  • In 2008, Greece was suspended from U.N. carbon trading as a punishment for violating greenhouse gas reporting rules. But Greek companies were still allowed to take part in a EU market for carbon dioxide."
Reuters, "Bulgaria says to be cut from carbon trading," 5/13/10, from Focus Information, via Tom Nelson

3/10/10, Hungary's fraudulent carbon trading threatens whole market having to go OTC. "Recycled CER scandal could push carbon trading over the counter" Other European markets were halted on fears.

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