Saturday, May 15, 2010

NY Times is reduced to a race-baiting pamphlet for all to see

"The New York Timess front page story this week on the New York Police Department and its allegedly racist stop-and-frisk practices follows a well-worn template: give specific racial breakdowns for every aspect of police behavior, but refer to racial crime rates only in the most attenuated of terms.
  • Disclosing crime rates—the proper benchmark against which police behavior must be measured—would demolish a cornerstone of the Times’s worldview: that the New York Police Department, like police departments across America, oppresses the city’s black population with unjustified racial tactics." Heather MacDonald, "Distorting the truth about crime and race," 5/14, City Journal.
I have been alive a long time, have lived in a variety of places, have observed many people. The United States is nothing at all like the NY Times wants you to believe it is. They sell balkanization and race baiting, the mantra of Soros, of suicide. Like Soros, they are obsessed with creating a chaotic and anarchic society. Without recent billionaire bailouts it has received, I'm not sure it would even be in business at this moment.ed.

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