Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tax avoiding yachtsman Senator John Kerry on 7/22 said "Arctic would be ice-free in 5-10 years", but would not cite source for prediction

"When asked about Kerry’s statement that the Arctic sea would be ice-free in five to 10 years, (Muyin) Wang said that time-range is an extreme case scenario."...
  • “That’s the extreme case,” Wang said. “To me, that could be,
  • but it’s less than a 50 percent chance.”
CNSNews.com called Sen. Kerry’s office on Thursday to ask for the source of the senator’s assertion that there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in five to ten years. The office directed CNSNews.com to contact Kerry press secretary Whitney Smith by email.
  • Smith did not respond to repeated emails asking the source for Kerry’s assertion about the Arctic ice.
Kerry’s remarks came during the second of three panels at an event sponsored by Clean Energy Works, an environmentalist coalition that brought supporters of to Washington, D.C., to show what it called “broad support” for a “clean energy and climate bill.”"
"Since that 2009 paper was published, Arctic ice has seen a rebound in ice extent. Moreover, the Arctic oscillation remains in the deepest freeze it has seen in years.
  • And the sun remains quiet, less active than we have seen it since scientists began tracking its behavior from space.
  • Such inactivity means a dimmer sun, which in turn brings with it cold temperatures. Here is the most recent graph (updated on July 20) from the Total Solar Irradiance Time Series produced by Physikalisch- Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos (PMOD) using satellite data since 1978:

Bob reminds climate is almost impossible to predict, including the claims made by John Kerry.
  • via Bob's discussion on the John Batchelor show
(John Kerry, among other things, is desperately trying to deliver the trillion dollar jewel in the global warming mob's belt. No major media question him, happy to leave citizens twisting in the wind against climate fraud.) ed.

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