Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry NOAA-Peru freezing emergency, Los Angeles sets record low temps, 'gloomy'- LA Times

Update: 8/1, Peru declares state of emergency due to colder than usual weather for 3 or 4 years.
  • LA, San Diego 'gloomy,' cool...(no matter what, they still say it's all global warming, US citizens are climate criminals and owe billions in reparations. Period.)
7/29/10, "Cool Summer: LA sets more low temperature records," LA Times blog, Shelby Grad

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

7/28/10, SAN DIEGO ON PACE TO BE COOLEST SUMMER SINCE 1933, (sorry, it's not 'El Nina' either)

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