Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hockey Stick disproved again, but Michael Mann is backed by Obama & Co. who insist global warming cannot be questioned & US taxpayers must keep paying

8/15/10, Reference Frame: "Why are there still people, including people employed as climate scientists, who claim that they don't realize that the Mann methodology is flawed? They're clearly not up to their job. Could someone please finally fire them? One of the reasons why some laymen may fail to get the point is that they just don't understand the technology, not even the simple argument above.
  • They're waiting for journals.
Well, a prestigious statistics journal, Annals of Applied Statistics, has just scheduled a paper for publication in the next issue. The paper has the same content:
McShane and Wyner: A Statistical Analysis of Multiple Temperature Proxies: Are Reconstructions of Surface Temperatures Over the Last 1000 Years Reliable? (full text PDF, backup, Google Docs Viewer as a HTML)
McShane and Wyner 2010 has 2.5 MB and 45 pages in this format and it shows that the MBH-selected proxies are actually leading to worse predictions than their fake data. The Mann proxies won't score well in their match against more sophisticated null hypotheses. You will find explicit sentences that you have seen written on this blog many times, for example
That is, the very method used in Mann et al. (1998)
guarantees the [hockey stick] shape of Figure 1.
(Page 5)
Well, this point has been known at least for 7 years but maybe, some of the people suddenly start to take notice when papers with this no-longer-original finding start to
It's sad that science has to go through these irrational political battles when
  • nasty folks and aggressive crackpots of Mann's type - who should spend their lives in jail -
But even in the real world, the lies have short legs, after all. They can't get too far."
(ed. note-The climate mob's position has been that statistical studies don't count. Nothing counts according to them and why should it? They have Obama and the rest who have only contempt for US taxpayers and are happy to keep sending our money to climate guys).

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