Friday, August 6, 2010

No records exist that can prove Greenland ice chunk due to global warming but US Rep. Ed Markey says it's global warming anyway from his bully pulpit

UPDATE AS ANTICIPATED: US Rep. Ed Markey SAYS THIS GLACIER CHUNK IS DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING! Says "SCIENTISTS AGREE"...and "SOME SCIENTISTS" say...How is Ed Markey not making criminal statements, in that the so-called "science" he sells from his bully pulpit has
plus countless hidden and unhidden fees and taxes in perpetuity?

Ruling Class politicians such as Markey have blithely sold out lifetimes of work and sacrifice of innocent Americans, transferring the output of their effort to non-productive people. Global warming is more of the same slavery. That is, if you're stupid enough to work hard, take risk, make sacrifices, and you succeed, you will be punished. You don't deserve extra pay for extra effort. In fact, you should be ashamed to ever leave the house.
"He (Muenchow) said it was hard to judge whether the event occurred due to global warming because
  • records on the sea water around the glacier have
  • only been kept since 2003."...
A glacier expert quoted says breakages happen all the time, although this was larger than usual. ...Prepare for alarmist headline:

" (Associate Professor) Muenchow said he had expected an ice chunk to break off from Petermann, one of the two largest remaining glaciers in Greenland, because

  • But he said he did not expect it to be so large.

"The freshwater stored in this ice island could keep the Delaware or Hudson Rivers flowing for more than two years," said Muenchow, whose research in the area is

He said it was hard to judge whether the event occurred due to global warming because

  • only been kept since 2003. [sorry Prince Charles...]

"Nobody can claim this was caused by global warming. On the other hand nobody can claim that it wasn't," Muenchow said, adding that the flow of sea water below the glaciers is one of the main causes of ice calvings off Greenland."

  • (continuing): "Regine Hock, a glacial geophysicist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, told the National Geographic

But she said that such a "huge, huge piece of ice … is very unusual"....

Petermann Glacier spawned smaller ice islands

NSF (National Science Foundation) scandals

National Science Foundation $10.5 million grant to PBS station investigated for misuse by the station, 9/16/09, instances ongoing since 2000.

Ed Markey reference, The Hill, 8/7, 4:04PM, "Deniers of Global Warming should 'start their own country'" by S. D'Aprile, via Tom Nelson

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