Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EPA to strangle factories one by one-Washington Post

8/4, "EPA left to pick up climate change where congress dropped the debate," Washington Post, Fahrenthold and Eilperin
  • But for now, it's his only option....
David Doniger, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, said his group intends to defend the EPA in the coming months.
NRDC has great financial interest in carbon trading and in any case in taking the last remaining dollar from the last remaining American worker. NRDC's mission statement says "disproportionate environmental burdens" are unfairly "borne by people of color and others who face social and economic inequalities."
  • Bloomberg, 12/4/09: "Companies need the financial markets to help them drive down their greenhouse gas emissions at a reasonable price,
says the NRDC’s Andy Stevenson.

via Climate Depot

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