Sunday, October 17, 2010

$615,000 US taxpayer dollars to brainwash children in Massachusetts with global warming propaganda, see internet as enemy

"“In today’s media world of twitter, blogs, and sound bites,

“We aim to change this""...(with tax dollars taken from chump American tax payers)

science of global climate change. The award was announced today at a climate change “Teach-In” at UMass Lowell.

“Engaging students in the development of new and different ways to communicate the science of climate change is key to a deeper understanding of this critical global issue,” "...

  • (That's their new thing. If they just explain this giant fraud better, we'll drink the Kool Aid). ed.

(continuing): "said Chancellor Marty Meehan. “As a university,

  • we are committed to cutting our carbon footprint.

We are making strides by constructing LEED-certified buildings, using electric cars and installing solar energy systems on four campus buildings.”

The project “Climate Change Education: Science, Solutions, and Education in an Age of Mediawill get underway this month.

It will integrate climate change science with video to create a unique and stimulating approach to global climate change education. Students will gain an understanding of

  • cutting- edge science and of the media through which they access information.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, who kicked off the Climate Change Teach-In event today at UMass Lowell, said “I want to congratulate Chancellor Meehan and university faculty for leading this unique initiative. Expanding understanding about climate change is the first step in finding solutions to its harmful impacts. Not only is tackling climate change critical for our planet’s future,

  • but the clean energy technology that allows us to do so holds tremendous economic opportunity for our country and the Fifth District, in particular, which has one
  • the highest concentrations of clean energy employers in New England.”

Under the grant, videos produced by students will incorporate their peers’ questions, concerns, and perspectives on climate change. Students will learn to ‘write’ in the language of video and, through this experience, they will gain a deeper and more sophisticated literacy in a medium that is emerging as a major means of communication."...

  • (Ah, yes, that pesky internet. They can't stand the internet, because they don't control the message there. They want to control the discourse on global warming. With trillions of dollars at stake, I guess so. ed.)

continuing: “In today’s media world of twitter, blogs, and sound bites,

  • confusion about the scientific reality of climate change frequently dominates the discourse in classrooms and communities,

said Associate Prof. Juliette Rooney-Varga who is the lead researcher on the project and an expert on the ecological consequences of climate change.

“We aim to change this by integrating climate change science with the expressive power of video to create a unique and stimulating approach to global climate change education.”

  • The expected outcomes of the project include new climate change courses at UMass Lowell, the development of a high school summer video program and professional development training for teachers. UMass Lowell students will have an opportunity to apply for paid summer internships working with Cambridge high school students during a climate change video production summer program.

UMass Lowell is partnering with Cambridge Educational Access TV, TERC, Sage Fox Consulting Inc., Carleton College and filmmaker Randy Olson."...

  • ####
  • Great that NASA taxpayer funds are being used for the purpose of manipulating the message for the greatest crime against mankind in history--because they're fed up that they don't have the power they had before the internet.
It has nothing to do with science-this giant criminal fraud has been up and running with or without any 'science.' Organized crime has already made billions. More billions of US tax dollars have funded the so-called 'science.' How many 'scientists' would be out of jobs if they said there was no global warming? How many millions would colleges lose? Soros is a firm believer in taking whatever amount of time it needs while spending whatever amount of US taxpayers' own money is needed to get the job done. Congress doesn't care. By using up every available unit of time and space in a culture over decades (taxpayer funded), allowing only one message into the mind, well you can convince everyone to drink the Kool Aid. Those who don't will be isolated by ridicule. They start brainwashing children at the age of 5, continue throughout college and you've got them. The problem is, many of us don't like the fact that our country has been stolen from us via this and other scams, and we plan to get it back. ed.

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